Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Sales Intern


Who we're looking for

We are looking for an enthusiastic intern who is looking to start their own business one day. You will have the opportunity to learn firsthand what is required to create and run a business to generate at least 6-figures a year.

In this internship, you will get to understand the workings of a lean profit-driven machine. You will learn how to:

- Reprogram your brain for success
- Discover your niche
- Identify a market problem
- Create a powerful solution
- Market & sell it successfully
- Generate at least a 6-figure profit

This is not an ordinary internship for normal people, this is for someone who is driven, hungry, and is not afraid to take the path less traveled.

In this internship to you it is our commitment to helping you learn:

- Mental Awareness & Cognition: this is the foundation for everything.
- Business Principles: fundamental beliefs, rules, or values that represent what is desirable and positive for a business to produce value & results
- Business Disciplines: specific branches of knowledge relating to business functions like; sales, marketing, product, operations, accounting, legal, support & management
- Business Processes: The sets of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular result. Every business discipline includes multiple business processes

In exchange for us teaching you how to create and run a profit-making machine. We will require your dedication to assisting with the marketing & sales processes. On a daily basis, your typical day will involve some or all of the tasks and responsibilities below:

- Learn the fundamentals of self-development for success and business
- Implementing business processes relating to setting up sales appointments efficiently
- Communicating with the internal team at the London office and with remote employees on both slack & zoom to ensure that things are moving forward
- Communicate with the rest of the working team on a project to ensure that things are moving forward

Our commitment is that this internship will set you on the path to be a successful entrepreneur and change your life.


- A laser-focused driven individual. You accept nothing less than being a multi-millionaire as a standard for yourself
- A quick learner with the ability to adapt to new changes if/ when necessary
- No Experience is needed. All you need is drive, an open mind, and intellect
- Team player with a positive optimistic attitude


- A supportive culture that actively encourages continuous learning and progression
- Work from our office in Mayfair in the heart of London
- A fun & rewarding Environment: stimulating, fast-paced, meaningful & exciting
- If we are impressed with you and you have an exciting business idea then we can assist with funding. Either through ourselves or with other partners