High Ticket Closer


Who we're looking for

We’re looking for a high ticket closer who has virtual sales experience with high ticket solutions (specifically selling to decision-makers at businesses), understands high-level sales strategies, and how to bridge the client gap with fluidity.

Obviously, your job title to a customer will not be a high ticket closer and will be Growth Consultant, but internally it will be a high ticket closer.

As a high ticket closer, you will be responsible for closing deals. On a daily basis, your typical day will involve some or all of the tasks and responsibilities below:

- Conducting calls with pre-booked appointments in your calendar
- Following a sales structure to achieve the key objectives of a sales call; Build rapport, State agenda & take lead, Figure out why prospect booked the call, Understand their current sales/marketing/business situation, Gather data & cause pain, Releasing control/self-admission, Gaining commitment and wrapping in emotion, Acknowledge the gap and permission to share, Demonstrate how we are experts, Explain our offer/how it works, State our offer with incentive-based pricing
- Handling objections, this is when the selling really starts
- Listen back to sales calls to understand where you can improve/iterate
- Updating Pipedrive CRM with calls
- Sending proposals/contracts to clients
- Collecting payments through either stripe/veem or bank transfer if required
- Following up on closing deals if occasionally required
- Transferring over new clients to customer success


- A Closing mindset. You are driven to close and are obsessed with how you can close with as short a sales cycle as possible without being “salesy”.
- A classy, consultative style salesman who asks questions and spends a lot of time listening
- A person who has intellect and uses that to help solve the prospect's problem and provide value like a doctor would
- Someone who has experience closing offers more than $3,000
- A quick learner with the ability to adapt to new changes if/ when necessary
- Highly motivated and results-driven. If you are good then you would definitely be results-driven


- $1200 for each closed client, this is split into payments of $400 paid in 3 installments, for example; day closed is first payment, 30 days later is 2nd payment, 30 days later is 3rd payment. You will be selling a package with a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you close 10 clients a month (50 appointments) you would be earning $12,000 a month ($144,000 a year)
- Unlimited vacation policy - we run on results, not hours
- World-class training & education
- Unlimited career growth opportunities
- A supportive culture that actively encourages continuous learning and progression
- If in London, work from our office in Mayfair (the heart of London)
- Unlimited career growth opportunities, if you perform well and are a great performer. There will be lots of opportunities in the future as our plans are much bigger than being a lead generation agency